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Midpoint draft evaluations for all 32 teams

Here are some thoughts on the first day of the 2007 NFL Draft, as well as an evaluation of needs yet to be addressed for each NFL team. Arizona Excellent first day ... like Levi Brown as a run blocker ... love the move up to get Alan Branch ... today, they need to find a running back, a defensive end and an outside linebacker. Atlanta
Comes out of the first day with four picks, three of which should start early in September: Anderson, Blalock and Houston ... today, I expect a safety, a DT and an ILB as the Falcons continue to fix their defense.

Ben Grubbs is the opening-day starter at guard and gives them more flexibility than Edwin Mulitalo did ... today they set their sights on an OLB, a CB, and possibly a developmental QB.

The Bills had a great first day ... Marshawn Lynch is the perfect complement to Anthony Thomas ... Posluszny is a Dick Jauron-type of guy ... a year from now, Trent Edwards will give Losman a run for the job ... today I expect a CB, a DT and FB.

Four picks in the first day ... move down gave them Ryan Kalil, the best center in the draft ... It's a great draft if they find a safety and tight end today.

No surprise they took Olsen to start the day, but their next three picks surprised most ... Today, they need a DT for their rotation, an OT and a WR.

Leon Hall was their target and they were surprised he was there ... Today they address the "D" with a S, at least one DL and an OLB. Phil Savage is to be commended for pulling off the trade that gave them Brady Quinn to go along with Joe Thomas ... They took a risk with Eric Wright ... Today they must find a running back.

Anthony Spencer is the perfect fit for Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense -- he developed Shaun Phillips (also from Purdue) the same way he'll develop Spencer... James Martin will serve as backup for a year ... Today they want a NT and a CB.

It was a surprise move up for Jarvis Moss ... He could be beat out by their second pick, Tim Crowder ... Today a FS and a LB.

The Lions have discovered the art of the trade ... They got rid of players and moved up and down the draft board and are to be complimented for taking the best player in the draft ... ILB and CB are the Day 2 needs.

Green Bay
I expected them to take Justin Harrell, who had climbed up boards ... The trade down with the Jets gave them safety Aaron Rouse, who could be a LB ... Today, a TE and a DE would make for an excellent draft.

Houston has lots of work to do today ... They'll need a LT, OLB, a CB and a S, but I love the selection of Amobe Okoye, a Warren Sapp-type of tackle.

Anthony Gonzalez told me last week he was confident the Colts would take him in the first round, and he was right ... They gave up a lot for Tony Ugoh ... Today they must find an OLB and a RB.

The Jaguars moved back in the first round and still got the guy they wanted, Reggie Nelson ... Look for them to target a DE and a CB today ... Michael Walker could be tried out at CB.

Kansas City
Excellent first day for the Chiefs ... They met their first two needs: WR and DT ... Now they must find a LT, which will be difficult. A safety would help.

Passed on Brady Quinn and are betting on John Beck ... Love the selection of Lorenzo Booker, who gives them a third-down back to complement Brown ... A TE and DT are required today.

Adrian Peterson falls right in their lap ... They would be wise to call the Eagles to try to trade for one of their veteran QBs ... Today, a DE and a LB.

New England
Taking advantage of their excellent offseason, moving one of their first-round picks to next year ... Meriweather will start immediately ... Today, an ILB and a CB.

New Orleans
Robert Meachem was my mock draft pick for the Saints ... Allemon will serve as a backup across the line ... A TE and DE this afternoon.

N.Y. Giants
Aaron Ross helps as a starting CB and returner ... Steve Smith serves as pressure on Amani Toomer and Plaxico Burress a year from now ... An OLB and a third-down back today.

N.Y. Jets
New York had no trouble trading away picks to get the two players they wanted most: Revis and Harris ... Today an OLB and a RT would help the depth chart.

Changing the face of the organization overnight ... Four draft picks, two players in a trade and probably moving Randy Moss by the end of Sunday ... Today a DT and an OG ... McCown will start in September until Russell is ready.

With the selection of Kevin Kolb, they have a veteran to move ... Their top two needs are still on the board, CB and S.

Back-to-back OLB to start the draft and a backup tight end leave the Steelers looking for OL help and a cornerback.

St. Louis
They had one of the best first days in the draft ... Carriker will be a DE on run downs and move inside on passing downs ... Leonard gives them an excellent complement to Jackson ... Today they need a safety.

San Diego
The Chargers always create a medical competitive edge for themselves. Last year it was Cromartie and McNeil, this year Anthony Waters ... Backup NT and some secondary help needed.

San Francisco
Love their three picks ... Willis will call the "D" ... Jason Hill will win the third WR job ... Ray McDonald will be in the DL rotation ... And they secured a first-round pick for next year ... I expect the second day to be all defense.

Had a quiet day with no first-round pick and still must find an OG and possibly a TE.

Tampa Bay
Finally, defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin gets some help and will be happy ... Today the Bucs turn their interest to WR.

Griffin is an excellent selection at safety ... Bit surprised they took Chris Henry so early ... Today they must consider a CB with Pacman's situation and a DE opposite Vanden Bosch.

Everyone thought they'd trade down, but can't fault the selection of Landry ... Today they must address the DL and possibly get an OG.

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