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Michael Vick on Robert Griffin: He reminds me of me

Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III are two quarterbacks at distinctly different stages of their NFL careers.

Griffin, as a rookie, has helped the Shanahans re-imagine the quarterback position. Vick, who's expected to make one final start for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday after sitting for months, could do nothing but watch as RG3 calmly guided the Washington Redskinsto victory Sunday.

"I'm a big RGIII fan," Vick told USA Today before the game. "He reminds me of what I do. I'm the originator of everything that's transpired in the league with the style of quarterback. It makes it gratifying to me."

Vick has not spoken wisely.

These are not the same players. Never have been, never will be. Yes, there was a time when Vick was seen through a similar lens as Griffin. He mystified defenses early in his career and put a new stamp on the position, but that's where the similarities end.

Anyone who has watched both Vick in his prime and RG3 operate knows how dangerous -- but how different -- they are. Mobile, sure, but RG3 is so much more.

With one game to go, Griffin has wiped out defenses, completing 66.4 percent of his passes, with 20 touchdowns to just five interceptions in his first campaign. Vick completed 44.2 percent of his passes in two starts as a rookie in 2001 and just 54.9 percent in 2002, when he tossed 16 TD passes to eight picks as a full-time starter. RG3's 104.2 passer rating is second best in the NFL. Vick finished his first full season with a pedestrian 81.6 rating.

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It goes beyond the numbers. Plenty of veterans have toiled for years to achieve the accuracy Griffin has exhibited as a first-year pro. He has been exceptionally well-coached by the Shanahans, but he never has been handled with kid gloves. That never was needed.

Griffin has shattered beliefs about what an NFL team can do under center. There's no path for where he's going. It's not Vick's path, that's for certain. RG3 will cut his own.

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