Michael Vick admits he was unprepared vs. Chargers

Geno Smith kept his starting job for at least another week. The struggling New York Jets quarterback wasn't permanently benched in part because backup Michael Vickdid nothing to take the job during his one half of play Sunday.

Vick, who completed 8 of 19 passes for just 47 yards and looked very rusty against the Chargers, admitted he might have been unprepared.

"Maybe I didn't prepare or I wasn't prepared, but I'll tell you what, it won't happen again," Vick said, per the New York Post.

Such is the struggle of a backup quarterback who gets little to no reps and is expected to perform on cue. Vick acknowledged he probably took the scout-team reps for granted.

"I learned a lesson last week: always stay ready, always be prepared," Vick said. "That left a bitter taste in my mouth that I wasn't able to go out and put points on the board or even help this team in any fashion. So this week has been a different work week from me (and) throughout the rest of the year, it's going to be totally different for me as far as my preparation."

If Vick had put on a show, Geno would probably be screwed to the bench at this point. But Vick's play, and subsequent admission, indicates he really didn't expect to be given a chance to win the gig -- at least not this early in the season.

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