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Michael Irvin loses his mind at the NIT (and we have proof)

The University of Miami played in the NIT final on Thursday night. Don't be bummed if you missed it. Or if you didn't know if Miami played in the tournament. Or even if you didn't know the NIT is still a thing.

But you know who didn't miss it? Michael Irvin. He was there to root on his alma mater, the University of Miami play Stanford for the championship.

Here is why Irvin was trending on Twitter on Thursday night.

The NIT! It's still real to Michael, dang it!

But then the unpleasantness happened.

This is probably unnecessary after seeing Michael's reaction, but Stanford won the game.  Irvin, however, was still glowing with U pride.

See more of the video of Irvin's reaction HERE.

Irvin had a similar reaction during the Pro Bowl this year. Check out what he did:

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