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Michael Bennett: Seahawks' D best of our era

The Seahawks delivered another dominant display of defense in 2014, becoming the first team since the 1969-71 Vikings to lead the league in scoring defense for three consecutive seasons.

It's been a prolonged run of excellence for Pete Carroll's defense, and Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett believes Seattle has stated its case as a historic unit.

"I think we're No. 1 right now in our era. It's all based off era. Everybody's different," Bennett said Wednesday, according to the Journal Sentinel. "Right now, we feel like we're the best and we're playing the best. I feel like we're No. 1 right now."

The Seahawks have smothered offenses this season without a dominant pass rusher. Bennett led the team with seven sacks, less than a third of what NFL sacks leader Justin Houston managed for the Chiefs this season. Bennett says that tells you everything you need to know about the statistic.

"Show me all the guys who got the sacks that are playing right now," Bennett said. "They're all at home. You've got your J.J. Watt, you've got your Mario Williams. Connor Barwins. Who else you got? They're all sitting at home right now watching us play. Obviously, sacks aren't that important. It's about winning. That's all that matters -- how you win the game.

"All stats are for, are for the media. You all can go out there, play fantasy football, and say one guy's better than the other guy. Say they're All-Pro, Pro Bowl, yeah, those guys can play in the Pro Bowl, but when you're playing in the Super Bowl, it's way better. I guarantee you.

"It's all about team football. I think young players are starting to forget that. It's all about the team. And the way it is now with the Twitter and Instagram, everybody's about themselves. So for us, it's about the team. We could care less. You have 22 sacks, it doesn't make a big difference if you've never played in the playoffs, if you never win the big game."

Michael Bennett is making a lot of sense.

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