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Michael Bennett: Panthers are like an attractive cousin

When Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett looks at the Panthers, he sees a lot of his own team.

"It's kind of weird playing them, because it's almost like you're looking in the mirror," Bennett said this week, according to The Daily Herald. "It's a team that has similar attributes all over, similar qualities -- both quarterbacks are both mobile, big receivers -- well we don't have any big receivers, but we have big-hearted receivers -- powerful running backs, great defensive lines and linebacker play. So it's a good game."

Bennett then dug in on the topic, to the benefit of us all before the Seahawks and Panthersface each other on Saturday.

"It's so much alike, man. It's like you look at a girl who looks like you, and you find out it's your cousin, so you can't go on a date with her even though you'd like to, because she looks like you," Bennett said. "But then you see her friend, and her friend's really hot, and you're like, 'That's not my cousin,' so it's good."

OK, so Bennett represents the Seahawks and the attractive Bennett clone female represents the Panthers. That's established. But who does the genetically agreeable friend represent?

Michael Bennett says a lot of interesting things.

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