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Michael Bennett: I wouldn't want Hardy in locker room

Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett joined NFL Network's GameDay Morning on Sunday and spoke about Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy and the domestic violence incident involving Hardy and his ex-girlfriend.

"I'm a father of three daughters so any man that beats a woman, I think that's hard for me to swallow but the Cowboys did make their choice," Bennett said. "(The Cowboys) have had a bunch of players before that had a couple things. As a teammate, I'm not sure I would want him in the locker room, especially as a distraction when you're already losing. It's one of those things that would have to be up to the organization."

Bennett believes that Hardy needs to properly inform his teammates of the situation.

"If you're going through something that's in the media, you have to have a player's meeting and tell your teammates 'this is what really happened,'" Bennett said. "Unless you know the truth, everybody is going to have speculations and I think for him, he has to talk to his teammates and let them know what really happened."

Bennett was asked if he would step up if his teammate was going through similar circumstances.

"Yeah, you'd have to speak to them because you have to figure (it) out," Bennett said. "It's one of those things that's going to be on your mind and it's going to be on the team's mind, and everybody is going to want to know what the answer is."

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