Mic'd up J.J. Watt gives Saints advice on O-line

The best J.J. Watt is a mic'd up J.J. Watt.

NFL Films tracked the Defensive Player of the Year favorite during his five-tackle, two sack trashing of the New Orleans Saints in Week 12.

During the pummeling, Watt had a suggestion for Saints coaches.

"You guys might want to try somebody else at right tackle," Watt said. "Quarterback's getting smoked back there. I like Drew (Brees). I don't like hitting him like that."

The audio first aired on Showtime's Inside the NFL on Tuesday night.

The Saints did try something to slow Watt. It did not work.

At one point New Orleans moved left tackle Terron Armstead over to the right side, lining him next to right tackle Zach Streif. Watt split them anyway for his first sack.

"You asked for it, you got it," J.J. barked to Armstead.

While Watt's never-ending string of commercials has saturated the market in a way only Peyton Manning could love, his on-field dominance is thrillingly entertaining.

Mic Watt up every week, NFL Films. This is the J.J. that America needs.

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