Mets promote Tim Tebow to Class-A Advanced

Well, Tim Tebow is another step closer to making it to the Majors. No, seriously.

The Mets announced on Sunday that they're promoting him from Class A Columbia to Class A Advanced St. Lucie.

"His recent last three weeks are actually trending pretty well," Mets general manager Sandy Alderson told "Given all the other circumstances, age and so forth, we thought this was the right time to promote him."

Despite batting .222, having 23 RBIs and leading the team in strikeouts, he was moved up. Now I'm no baseball stats nerd but those numbers don't sound like ones that would lead to a promotion. Alderson admits the former NFL quarterback isn't killing the game but tries to justify the move.

"I think we're pleased with the first half of the season," Alderson said. "It's not like he's tearing up the league, but at the same time, all the indications are positive.

"I'm not sure how much of an additional challenge it will be. But it's a step up. We certainly think he can handle it. ... We recognize that this is an unusual circumstance. But we just felt given everything involved, that this was about the right time for him to move to High A."

Just three more steps to go until Tebowmania makes it to the big leagues. Can he do it though? We shall see.

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