Melvin Gordon: Chargers will win back San Diego fans

Melvin Gordon understands San Diego fans are hurt by the Chargers' move to Los Angeles, but hopes time can heal those wounds.

"I don't think we're going to lose everyone in San Diego," Gordon told ESPN's James Walker on Friday. "I really don't think of it like that. I just think of it as we're on a break -- like a relationship. You know? But she'll be back and we will be back. We will be back together. That's how I look at it."

After the team ended a 56-year relationship, Chargers fans understandably were disenchanted, angry and brokenhearted with the team's decision to move for lack of a stadium deal that would keep them in San Diego.

Gordon added many of the Chargers players feel powerless to help the grieving fans in a city they called home.

"We can't stop it. We can't help it or help the situation," Gordon said. "So speaking on it don't really make the San Diegans feel any better. But we do feel for them to say the least.

"You feel for them, but it's out of our control. As players, we can't do anything about it. You got to deal with the cards you've been dealt with."

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