Meet Shaun Young, season ticket holder for the Eagles since 1993

Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love and with fans like Shaun Young, the Eagles truly feel the love.

Young has been an Eagles season ticket holder since 1993, and in 1995, he became an Eagles super fan. Even though being a fan is a choice, it has become part of Young's life.

"Being a fan means everything," said Young. "This is not a lifestyle, this is a religion for us. We live and die by this team."

Now that the Eagles have the best record in the league (7-1), Young has high hopes for his favorite team.

"When it comes to football, it's a once a week thing and we can't wait for Sunday to come around," stated Young. "We want nothing less than a Super Bowl."

The Eagles have made it to two Super Bowls (1980 and 2004 seasons), but have yet to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. If Carson Wentz and crew get the job done this year, you know Young will savor every moment of it.

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