McVay on Marcus Peters incident: We need to be better

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay said he spoke to Marcus Peters about the cornerback getting into a verbal confrontation with a fan during Sunday's game, saying Peters understands he's "got to be better in those situations."

A widely shared video on social media posted after Sunday's contest between the Eagles and Rams shows Peters confronting an individual at the foot of the stands. Peters directs multiple profanities at someone off camera before the video ends.

"I saw the video. I got a chance to talk to Marcus," McVay said during his Monday news conference. "He knows that we've got to be better in those situations and can't allow whatever is going on in terms of that dialogue to affect our ability to be focused on what is going on during the game and on the field. ... We had a good discussion and he knows that."

It remains to be seen if Peters faces a fine or potential discipline over the incident. McVay said he wasn't sure how the NFL might view the incident and said it was being handled internally by the Rams.

Peters was suspended one game by his former team -- the Kansas City Chiefs -- in 2017 for throwing an official's flag into the stands and for getting into an argument with a Chiefs assistant coach. The NFL fined him $24,309 for throwing the flag.

McVay said he talked to Peters because he wanted to have an understanding of what led to his sideline outburst on Sunday. He also declined to say what they specifically talked about.

"I wanted to have an understanding of what was going on because all I saw was that video -- not exclusive to everything else that might have taken place," McVay said. "He and I were able to have that. I like the way that he was able to communicate to me and I trust that when those situations, if they do arise in the future, that we'll handle it differently."

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