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McNabb says Jets' Tim Tebow needs to tone it down off the field

One day after criticizingWashington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan on ESPN, quarterback Donovan McNabb was back on the network Friday, and this time Tim Tebow was in his crosshairs.

"Let it go. At some point let's focus on getting into camp and learning a new offense," McNabb said. "There's no need to keep trying to have the fans behind you.

"Every time that we look up there's something. He's reaching out to fans, telling them 'I love you, I'm working hard.' As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you're doing during the offseason," McNabb continued. "They only care about what you do on the football field. This is why a lot of people in the Denver Broncos locker room had an issue [with Tebow]."

When another commentator said Tebow was "the most unfairly, over-criticized quarterback" in league history, McNabb took exception.

"Negative -- I am, I am," McNabb responded. "Nobody has been criticized as much as I have."

McNabb had a famously up-and-down run in Philadelphia from 1999 to 2009. He played for Washington in 2010 and for the Minnesota Vikings last season.

McNabb is currently a free agent. He has yet to officially retire, but he already seems to be making a splash as a TV commentator.

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