McNabb denies he wasn't committed to Vikes; Frazier backs him

Outside of rookie quarterback Christian Ponder's encouraging debut, the Minnesota Vikings don't have a lot of positive things surrounding them these days.

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Consider that Donovan McNabb was benched. Percy Harvin can't shake a rib injury. Bernard Berrian did little on the field, earning him a role off it. Chris Cook spent the weekend in jail on domestic battery charges. Green Bay Packers fans likely believe Brian Robison should be there, too, after he kicked an opponent between the legs.

But the crown jewel of Vikings disappointments might be McNabb. NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reported last week that the quarterback showed a lack of commitment and preparation during his six weeks as Minnesota's starter before losing that job to Ponder.

McNabb and Vikings coach Leslie Frazier both denied Monday that the quarterback's work ethic was a problem.

"It's absurd to me because everything I've worked for and everything I've accomplished and everything I've put forth -- and these guys see me; I'm one of the first in the building and one of the last to leave -- for any of that (negativity) to come out is ridiculous," McNabb said, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

McNabb went so far as to challenge Lombardi's sources to make themselves public "because it's definitely not true."

"Personally, I don't know and, at this point, I don't care," McNabb told the newspaper when asked who within the organization might have a beef with him. "I prepare myself and try to do what the coaches ask me to do. Obviously, making sure Christian is ready and preparing him and, while I was out there, doing what they wanted me to do and what they expected of me. It's just out of character for me. It's just ridiculous."

Frazier called the report "flat-out ridiculous" while saying it didn't come from him, according to the Pioneer Press.

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