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McCoy says he's not the reason Gore spurned Eagles

One twist that played out on Tuesday's epic first day of free agency was Frank Gore getting cold feet over the weekend on a deal with the Philadelphia Eaglesbefore agreeing to sign with the Indianapolis Colts.

Former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy -- who was traded to the Buffalo Bills -- first joked to NFL Network on Tuesday that he was the reason Gore backed out of the deal.

After clearly playing to reports that he had warned the former 49ers runner about signing with Chip Kelly, McCoy insisted he only had positive things to say about his time in Philly.

"We talked about Philadelphia. He did ask me a lot of questions," he said. "I mean it was mutual I asked him about (former 49ers offensive coordinator) Greg (Roman) and he asked me about Chip and the offense, and I was honest with him. I told him he'd get the ball a lot and he would love it.

"Chip is a mastermind -- he finds ways to get the ball in space with the running backs and he would like it ... I was honest with him, for the most part

"... Everything I said was positive. All the deep secrets I kept secret," he added, snickering. "Everything I said was positive. He made his own decision himself."

During his introductory press conference in Buffalo on Tuesday, it took just three sentences for McCoy to take a perceived shot at Kelly's Eagles, stating, "It feels good to be appreciated," he told a band of Buffalo reporters.

McCoy later told NFL Network that he wasn't "disrespected" by the trade, but would have appreciated a heads up from Kelly.

"I wouldn't say disrespected," he said. "It is a business. Things do happen. I was shocked like the rest of the world was shocked about it. I think the biggest part was the communication. I've been the franchise player, the best player on that team for six years and running. I thought at least If he was going to trade me -- or do whatever he want to do with me -- just let me know, as a man.

"But I'm not going to complain or cry about it. It is what it is. I'm happy with my new team, a team that's sent me tons of love, and they wanted me. They wanted me as their guy."

Yes, the Bills wanted him enough to shell out a new five year contract worth $40 million with $16 million in the first year. That's the kind of cash that will get a man over his previous troubles quickly.

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