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McCoy: 'I'm going to keep fighting my (rear end) off'

Mike McCoy's calescent seat in San Diego reached scalding levels following an embarrassing 33-3 home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

The pitchforks are out and the guillotine is sharpened, waiting for the coach.

Long-time, respected Chargers reporter Kevin Acee penned a column calling for McCoy's firing. Acee lays out all the reasons McCoy shouldn't be the head coach after the season ends on Jan. 3. It's a great read you should check it out.

When Acee told McCoy the topic of his column, the coach said he understood, but repeated:

"I'm going to keep fighting my (rear end) off," he said.

If he's been fighting this season, it's been a losing effort.

Injuries can be blamed for some of the Chargers' struggles, but it's an uninspired football team that lacks cohesion. The offensive game plan -- McCoy's side of the football -- seems brutal each week and the defense has been plain awful.

McCoy admitted Sunday's blowout loss was a complete and utter failure, which is particularly disheartening coming off a bye.

"Obviously, that was a bad day of Chargers football out there in all three phases," he said, via the team's official website. "(We) didn't make any plays overall, but very poor....(It's) very disappointing. We had an outstanding week of preparation. Watching the way we played there, you'd never think that. I think the mindset of the players coming off the bye was outstanding. They worked extremely hard and we had a good plan going in. It was obviously very poor in all phases today is all I can say about it to be honest with you. Very disappointing."

At one point, the few Chargers fans left in the stadium weren't even fired up enough to boo a muffed punt in the fourth quarter.

Anger from fans is something NFL teams can deal with. Apathy is a much worse poison.

Just three seasons ago, Mike McCoy's team won a playoff game and his offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt was a hot commodity. Now Whiz has been fired from Tennessee and McCoy seems destined to join him on the street.

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