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McCoy among Eagles set to join Vick for Philly-based workouts

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vickconfirmed to *Philadelphia Sports Daily* Friday that he plans to organize practice sessions starting this week.

"The most important thing is to make sure that we're ready to go," Vick said. "You have to get the plan together and me being the quarterback, that's my job -- to make sure that we have a chance to come in and get it done, and that it's productive and efficient. I'm holding myself responsible to making sure that happens, as being the captain of this team and the leader."

Vick said he already had one throwing session with Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant about two weeks ago and now he's hoping at least 15 of his teammates will show up for the workouts, even the defenders.

"Some of our DBs will be here so we'll try to get some 1-on-1s going and just try to do it our way," Vick said. "This time we can kinda do it our way. I can kinda instruct them and be the coach," he said while laughing.

According to the *Philadelphia Inquirer*, running back LeSean McCoy will be there to workout with Vick after training mostly in Florida during the lockout.

"I plan on it," McCoy told the newspaper during a charity event in Harrisburg. "If we have it I'll be there. We really miss that stuff, man."

McCoy said he's missed having a designated place to work out consistently.

"You know how it is -- the offseason and then the lockout came," McCoy said. "It's tough when you don't have a facility to go to. I think a lot of guys take it for granted. I know, myself, I did."

Vick told Philadelphia Sports Daily that he hasn't yet secured a location for the workouts this week.

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