McCarthy misses challenge on apparent Chiefs turnover

Many Packers are dealing with some form of regret after a perfection-ending 19-14 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday. Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy might feel those pangs more than anyone after he failed to challenge a key play in the game.

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the Chiefs' 19-14 win over the Packers on Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

With the Packers trailing 9-7 early in the fourth quarter, Chiefs quarterback Kyle Orton connected on a long pass to tight end Leonard Pope, who lost control of the ball as he stretched for the end-zone pylon.

Officials ruled Pope down at the 3-yard line, though replays showed he fumbled the ball through the end zone before going out of bounds.

Cameras from the game broadcast caught McCarthy reaching for the challenge flag in his back pocket, but he failed to produce it before Kansas City ran another play. The Chiefs eventually kicked a field goal.

It's impossible to know how the game would have played out had the call been overturned, but it does provide another example how much has to go right to pull off 16-0.

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