McCarthy: Fewer offseason workouts won't reduce injuries

Will less mean more when it comes to offseason workouts?

Not to Packers coach Mike McCarthy, who told the *Green Bay Press-Gazette* he doesn't believe reducing the offseason workout program will reduce injuries.

It is expected that a new collective bargaining agreement will include reductions in the amount of mandatory offseason team workouts.

"To me, when you talk about player safety, when you have injuries in training camp, a lot of times it happens to an inexperienced player, a younger player that is not quite sure what to do," McCarthy said at last week's NFL Annual Meeting in New Orleans. "Because of that, bodies are going to be put in vulnerable positions, and I see vulnerable positions created by a lack of preparation.

"I don't see where the fact that less is going to be better. I don't agree with that."

McCarthy uses the Packers' offseason program to install his entire system so the focus on training camp can be evaluating players who are competing for jobs.

"I don't know what goes on at the other 31 teams; all I know is those practices are important," McCarthy said. "That time in the classroom is very important because when you have the opportunity to have everything in when you leave at the end of June, when those players go to that rookie symposium (before training camp), those rookies, that football team has seen everything.

"I've always thought that way as a coordinator and as a quarterback coach because at the end of the day, that man's competing for a job on your football team. So I'd want to know what the deal is."

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