Matt Stover: Rams players should get money for move

The Rams formally announced their return to Los Angeles in a Friday news conference at The Forum in Inglewood, but plenty of logistical work remains to be done.

One huge task: Dozens of Rams players under contract need to pull up roots in the St. Louis area before they can settle in Southern California. Retired kicker Matt Stover remembers a trying process when the Browns moved to Baltimore in 1996, and believes the Rams should actively assist their players during this time.

"We weren't ready for it, we had no control over it, and we were under contract, so we were obligated to go," Stover told's Jamison Hensley. "I'm hoping the Rams organization will take care of their players. There should be a financial package for the players moving to L.A."

Stover said he lost thousands of dollars when he sold his home in Cleveland, and he was far from alone. The Browns -- citing concerns over potential salary cap penalties -- declined to pay realtor fees and closing costs on the houses sold. According to the language of the collective bargaining agreement, teams are only required to pay moving and relocation expenses.

Kevin Byrne, the Ravens' senior vice president of public relations, remembers some unhappy players during the Cleveland move.

"It was testy at times," he said. "Players came to us and said, 'You told us seven, eight months ago to be part of the community and buy a house and now I have to sell?'"

Not everyone is going to spill tears for fabulously compensated professional athletes taking a moderate real estate bath, but Stover has a point. Perhaps someone can carry the ex-kicker's torch when the next CBA negotiations come around.

There's also this option: Teams can stop moving.

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