Matt Forte does big fantasy work in Week 1

Opportunity is the lifeblood of fantasy football success. But who's best positioned on a weekly basis to get those opportunities? That's what we're all striving to find out. It's also why the Fantasy Breakdown was created. Every Monday we'll go through the previous week's targets and backfield opportunities (rushing attempts plus targets) to give you a sense of which players are getting plenty of chances to produce.


Keenan Allen was a popular bounce back player this season. Good on Philip Rivers and the Chargers for trying their hardest to make it happen. Even though Allen didn't find the end zone in the season opener, fantasy enthusiasts have no reason to complain about his 15-catch, 166-yard performance. The key now for Allen will be consistency. It's not realistic to expect these kind of numbers every week, but let's hope the third-year wideout can stay in the range of 9-12 fantasy points per week.

There was a Jacksonville Jaguars receiver on plenty of fantasy radars this summer. That receiver wasn't Rashad Greene. Yet, here we are. The rookie wideout saw 13 passes thrown his way in the season opening loss to the Carolina Panthers. Many of those came at the expense of preseason darling Allen Robinson, who had just one catch on six targets. This doesn't seem remotely sustainable considering the number of young targets in the Jags offense. It might also help if Blake Bortles wasn't constantly under pressure.

We thought that Tyler Eifert was going to be productive this season, but we didn't expect this. Andy Dalton had a mind meld going with his young tight end on Sunday, connecting with him on 9-of-12 throws for 104 yards and two touchdowns. Could we be in a new golden age of tight ends? I'm not going that far, especially because the Bengals will likely get A.J. Green much more involved in future weeks.

Other notables:Andre Johnson (10), Jeremy Maclin (9), Brandon Marshall (9), Amari Cooper (9), Jason Witten (9)


Rumors of Matt Forte's fantasy demise were greatly exaggerated -- for one week at least. With most of their receiving corps hobbled, the Bears leaned heavily on the veteran running back Sunday. Forte was one of just four running backs who carried the ball 20 times for more in the first week, serving as further proof that good fantasy rushers are getting harder to find. As long as Chicago has uncertainty amongst its wideouts, Forte is going to continue to eat.

Please let this mean that Washington likes Alfred Morris. Oh please, oh please, oh please. If you're expecting Morris to get any targets, you haven't been paying attention. But the fact that he carried the rock 25 times is definitely encouraging. Morris even had a couple of goal-line opportunities this week! We won't talk about his success rate on those for now. Just be happy that the chances were there.

If you had the guts to start Benny Cunningham this week, he likely saw that ball way more than you would have anticipated. Hooray! That's the good news. The bad news is that it's probably not going to continue as Tre Mason and Todd Gurley continue to get healthy. If you added Cunningham to your roster, you shouldn't get too used to having him there.

Other notables:Justin Forsett (14+7), Dion Lewis (15+5), Jeremy Hill (19+0), Joseph Randle (16+3), Melvin Gordon (14+3)

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