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Mathis: Gut feeling is 60/40 that Peyton will retire

Will Peyton Manning retire?

It's a question that just about every member of the Denver Broncos has been asked awkwardly over the last few days, and a question that no one has been able to answer with any certainty.

Guard Evan Mathis, who spent this season with the Broncos after the last four years in Philadelphia, hedged his bets but at least managed to say what everyone else is thinking at the moment.

"Gut feeling is 60/40 that he will," Mathis told Sirius XM this weekend. "But just a gut feeling."

Mathis, 34, said he's "trying not to think about free agency, just want to reflect on the last few weeks" when it comes to his own situation. But if he decides to continue playing and wants to remain in Denver, he might be interested to hear what Manning has to say. Soon-to-be free agent running back Ronnie Hillman is finding himself in a similar place.

It's been a great few weeks for the Broncos star. He has the option of going out on top, but is also spending his time getting begged by boosters of quarterback-needy teams to play just one more year to take their team to the Super Bowl.

Life is good, and it doesn't need to end for almost another month when Manning needs to officially inform the Broncos of his decision (March 8). So it could take a while to figure out whether or not Mathis is right.

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