Master the bench press with proper technique


At the annual NFL Scouting Combine, athletes perform a number of workouts and exercises to showcase their athleticism to NFL scouts, coaches and general managers. Among the exercises is the 225 pound bench press.

The bench press is a test of strength, as the athlete lifts 225 pounds for as many reps as he can get. What the NFL scouts are also looking for is endurance. Anybody can do a max one time, but what the bench press tells the pro scouts is how often the athlete frequented his college weight room for the last three to five years.

The athletes with the most bench press reps tend to have perfect technique in addition to strength and endurance. Follow these steps to get a proper setup for the bench press.

Proper bench press setup

1. Enter onto the bench from behind and underneath the bar

2. Tuck your legs underneath the bench to make sure your hips do not come off the bench

3. Engage and pull down your shoulder blades

4. Place your hands on the ring of the bar to give yourself a wide position

5. You are now in the proper position. Bring the bar down fast to your chest and push down and away from your chest during your bench

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