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Mason, Burress, Holmes deny they complained about Jets' O

Three veteran New York Jets wide receivers denied a published report Sunday that they had complained to coach Rex Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

The New York Daily News said in its story that Derrick Mason, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress separately went to Ryan in recent days to complain about the offensive system.

"OK, let me say this: I've been in this thing [the NFL] 15 years and I've never criticized the offensive coordinator to a head coach -- never once," Mason said after the Jets' loss at New England, according to the New York Post. "I've got enough problems going on myself. I'm not going to add another to it. Whoever told you all that, I wish you would tell me who it is so I can ask why they put my name in that mess. I can't speak for Santonio or Plax, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do anything like that."

Mason was sidelined for most of Sunday's game in favor of rookie Jeremy Kerley. ESPN New York reported after the game that Mason was benched because of his mouth.

Said Burress: "Whoever wrote that story, they're just making up stories to sell papers. That never happened. Whoever wrote it is making up a story to make themselves look good. I've never went in to talk to Rex personally about anything."

Added Holmes: "I honestly have no idea where that came from or who could have said it, but me, personally, I have no issue with coach Schottenheimer, and I didn't talk to Rex about anything."

Ryan also denied the report.

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