Martz fined $20K for comments after loss to Cardinals

NEW YORK -- San Francisco offensive coordinator Mike Martz has been fined $20,000 by the NFL for his criticism of the officiating at the end of the 49ers' 29-24 loss in Arizona on Nov. 10.

Also fined were Minnesota Vikings defensive end Ray Edwards, who will lose $25,000 for two hits against Tampa Bay last Sunday, and Tennessee Titans wide receiver Brandon Jones ($15,000 for excessive celebration after a touchdown).

Martz complained about the officiating when the ball was spotted at the 2½-yard line for the final play of the game after a replay of a run on the previous snap by Frank Gore. Martz, who thought the ball would be at the 1, already had called a run up the middle that was stuffed by the Cardinals.

"It cost us the game," he said. "We go to the 1 -- or the half-yard line -- then spike the ball when, all of a sudden, officials tell us they're going to look at the replay. While they're looking at it, the ball stays at the 1. So we send in a play. Then, when they make their decision, they move the ball back to the 2½ and tell us they're going to start the clock on the official's wind. ...

"If they would've moved it to the 10, we still would've had to run the play that was called. We got screwed because of the spot, first and foremost."

Edwards was fined for a leg whip in the first quarter at Tampa Bay, and for a late hit on Buccaneers quarterback Jeff Garcia long after Garcia released a pass in the second period.

Jones's TD celebration against Jacksonville involved him simulating being arrested by dropping to his knees, putting his hands behind his head and then behind his back as he stood up and walked off. He also got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Earlier this week, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen was fined $25,000 for a spate of late hits.

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