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Martz confident he'll reach contract extension with Bears

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said Tuesday that he'd like to stay with the team, despite reports that he recently turned down a contract extension.

Martz, whose two-year, $2 million contract expires after the 2011 season, reportedly was offered a one-year extension for the same $1 million annual salary but was upset it didn't include a raise.

Martz shrugged off any suggestion that he's miffed with the Bears.

"I have a representative in Bob LaMonte who's the best at what he does," he told the *Chicago Sun-Times*. "I just do whatever he tells me to.

"He doesn't tell me how to coach, and I don't tell him how to negotiate. But he knows how badly I want to be here, and I would like an extension. I don't worry about it. I'm sure it'll work out."

Martz cited working with Bears coach Lovie Smith as one reason why he wouldn't be inclined to go elsewhere.

"It (the 2010 season) was as much fun as I've had in coaching in many years, and the reason why is Lovie makes it fun," Martz said. "He's a terrific head coach. He provides great leadership, and he lets you do your job."

Though the Bears finished 30th in the NFL in total offense, they went 7-2 down the stretch en route to winning the NFC North and reaching the conference championship game.

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