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Marshawn Lynch returns wallet he found at gas station

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been called a lot of things lately, but Good Samaritan has not been one of them.

In one of those fun moments that often gets overlooked, though, Lynch returned the wallet of a Seattle-area man who dropped it at a gas station where Lynch was filling up.

The man, Jason Lynch, told KIRO-TV that he must have dropped the wallet out of surprise when he saw the Seahawks running back pulling up to the same place. About 10 minutes later, Marshawn was in Jason's neighborhood ensuring that the wallet was back in its rightful place.

Lynch and some teammates were on their way to Marsyville-Pilchuck High School, which endured a deadly shooting just three weeks ago, for an assembly.

This story comes out amid what has been a rocky few weeks for Beast Mode's public perception. When he doesn't leave the field at halftime, for example, it's automatically assumed he's making a statement about the recent reports that he will not be back with the team next year.

But deep down, Lynch has always maintained a close relationship with the Seahawks' fan base because of under-the-radar moments like these. In a league climate that can sometimes feel artificial, Lynch has an authenticity about him that is always fun to watch.

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