Marshawn Lynch dances with himself in locker room

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- This was a fitting way to say for us to say goodbye to Marshawn Lynch.

The Seattle Seahawks running back's quirky demeanor and strict code of silence around (most) humans with microphones made him a media fascination during Super Bowl week.

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Now, with a shiny new Lombardi Trophy being passed around the locker room, Lynch was again making a scene without saying a word. Wearing a red hoodie sweatshirt, matching red track pants, black cap and gold headphones, Lynch plugged his iPhone into a set of speakers and turned up the volume on "Ready 2 Ride," by Oakland rapper Philthy Rich.

Then he started dancing. He didn't say a word. He didn't make eye contact. He didn't call to teammates to join him. He just danced. As you can imagine, this made quite a scene. When the song ended, Lynch returned to his iPhone and started the song over. And then he danced some more.

Check the video above to watch Lynch in action. We'd prefer you try to ignore the fact that we've replaced "Ready 2 Ride" with some awful stock music in an effort to avoid a Super Litigious Sunday.

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