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Marshall: Ryan Fitzpatrick 'better be' back with Jets

While the world continues to buzz about a potential resolution to the Colin Kaepernick situation, little is being said about a 10-win quarterback who remains on the open market.

It's been mostly quiet regarding Ryan Fitzpatrick for weeks. Usually a month after free agency opens, the biggest fish have found homes. With a scarcity of quarterbacks, that the 33-year-old veteran remains on the open market is telling.

The one man always willing to discuss Fitzpatrick is teammate Brandon Marshall, the quarterback's biggest advocate for returning to the New York Jets.

Asked on Tuesday night if he thought Fitzpatrick would return, Marshall replied: "He better be," via Newsday.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported this week that Fitzpatrick and the Jets aren't any closer to a compromise and that communication has been limited. Currently the sides don't have much new to talk about until one party decides to bring negotiations back to the middle.

At the moment, Fitzpatrick wants to be paid the going rate for starter-level quarterbacks. The cap-strapped Jets are holding firm on an offer that exemplifies a replacement-level signal-caller, which Fitzpatrick has been for the balance of his 11-year career -- even if he thrived last season under Chan Gailey.

There is little separating Fitzpatrick and the likes of Josh McCown. Yet, would the Jets really considering harpooning what was their best offense in years?

Rapoport notes that two other contracts are key for Fitzpatrick's camp: 1) Robert Griffin III, who can make up to $11 million with incentives if he's the starter in Cleveland; and 2) Chase Daniel, whose contract can reach $12 million if he leaps Sam Bradford for the Eagles' starting gig.

The Jets aren't yet willing to go there -- nor can they, with almost zero cap space right now.

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