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Marshall now a Dolphin, and still a top fantasy wideout

Will Brandon Marshall continue to find fantasy success with the Dolphins?

After being traded from Denver to Miami in the spring, Marshall met the South Florida media for the first time and said all of the right things.

No, he's not a diva or a prima donna. Yes, he plans on this being the best year he's ever had. No, he's not going to repeat any prior mistakes. The past is exactly that -- the past. Marshall quickly ingratiated himself with his new teammates, too, showing up at charity events and volunteer workouts.

More than just saying and doing all the right things, though, Marshall also appeared genuinely sincere about the whole situation.

It wasn't simply a matter of an astute public relations person getting him to put a good spin on the situation. Marshall was a prep star in Winter Park, Fla., played his college football at the University of Central Florida, and already seems very comfortable in a Dolphins uniform.

"This is home for me," he says.

Being comfortable in a new jersey or with new teammates doesn't make you a fantasy star, of course. But the fact that he's recorded a combined 307 catches for 3,710 yards and 23 touchdowns over the past three seasons certainly does. That's what Marshall has done, and he's done it on a consistent level.

Want proof? Just look at his totals: 102 catches in 2007, 104 catches in 2008, and 101 catches in 2009.

PPR owners, please wipe the drool from your lower lips.

He's also done it no matter who is throwing him the football. At 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds and possessing strength, speed, and soft hands, Marshall can't help it. No matter who's under center, he's going to get more looks than Olivia Munn at Comic-Con.

That's why the move to South Florida with relatively untested but talented quarterback Chad Henne, will not pose a threat to Marshall's fantasy value. If the move from Jay Cutler to Kyle Orton in Denver did not adversely impact Marshall's output, neither should the move from Orton to Henne.

Bottom line: As long as he avoid injuries, which is true of any fantasy player, Marshall will continue to be a big-time receiver in his new uniform.

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