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Marshall: I should walk back to N.Y. after loss to Pats

Brandon Marshall's ponderous season continues.

While the wide receiver has been spectacular for the most part in 2015, he's had a fair share of boneheaded mistakes and costly errors.

During Sunday's 30-23 loss to the New England Patriots, Marshall was plagued by blunders.

Perhaps the most egregious error came on the final snap when he failed to hustle back to the line. Marshall had miscommunication with the other receivers and was penalized for not lining up, ending the game without a Hail Mary attempt for Ryan Fitzpatrick due to the 10-second runoff.

Following the game Marshall took ownership of his poor outing.

He also dropped a touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter that would have stretched the Jets' lead to eight points. Again Marshall took responsibility for his play

"Absolutely, that's all on me," Marshall told reporters, via "If I make that play, it puts us in a better position. I didn't make the play and it put our team in a bad situation. You have to make those plays in games like this, so it's all on me. It will definitely be my fuel this week to get better."

The Jets' two losses this year have come with some head-scratching plays from Marshall. He called his attempted pitch-fumble versus the Eagles in Week 3 "probably the worst play in NFL history."

Marshall's ownership of his mistakes is refreshing, but he wouldn't have to walk home from New England if he'd stop making them.

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