Marshall explains game-ending exchange with rookie

The New York Jets saw their flickering chance at victory extinguished in cruel fashion on Sunday against the Patriots.

New York trailed by seven points when Brandon Marshall recovered an onside kick with 14 seconds to play in the fourth quarter. The Jets, absent of any timeouts, should have had at least two plays to get in the end zone. But following a 12-yard completion to Eric Decker, Marshall failed to get set at the line of scrimmage prior to the snap, drawing a false start penalty and a 10-second mandatory run-off that ended the game.

As the penalty was announced, viewers on CBS could see Marshall in an animated exchange with rookie wideout Devin Smith, who was lined up next to Marshall on the final play.

"He was saying, 'Hey, it's clear I'm on the ball,' and I was saying, 'I see that, but we just got to communicate in those moments,'" Marshall said Wednesday, via Newsday. "I've been in the league a long time, so there's a certain way I'm used to doing things and there's a certain way he's used to doing things. And it's good to be able to talk through things.

"We talked on the field. He said what he had to say, I said what I had to say and we went into the locker room. We still talked through it and then we started talking about getting over it. He was down a little bit and he felt like he could have made a play or two out there and I was like, 'Look bro, it's over. We have to move (on) to Oakland as quickly as possible.' We both sat there for a while, a little deflated, and just had to move forward as quickly as possible."

Marshall has been a lot of things for the Jets through two months -- boring is not one of them. He is the team's leading receiver, amassing four 100-yard games and four touchdowns, but he's also been directly responsible for three turnovers, one memorable blooper and Sunday's ill-timed penalty, his fourth of the year.

The pluses outweigh the negatives, but Marshall remains an undeniable talent capable of producing both thrills and head scratches.

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