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Mark Sanchez says he's 'thrilled to work with' Tim Tebow

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez did his best Thursday night to turn the Great New York Quarterback Controversy into a love fest, according to the New York Post.

Appearing in White Plains, N.Y., where he signed autographs and did a Q&A for fans, Sanchez spoke warmly of the time he's spent with Tim Tebow the past few days since the Jets began their offseason workouts.

"From a competitor standpoint, he's great," Sanchez said. "He's what you want in an offseason program -- working hard, competing with the guy in the weight room. This is a big, strong guy, so it's good for me. That's been one of my goals this offseason -- putting on a little more muscle mass. I've taken a beating during the season. It's been a good transition and Tim's been great."

The third-year pro from USC, who coach Rex Ryan said will remain the team's starter, also praised Tebow's personality.

"He's been as advertised, as good of a guy, if not better, than anybody said," Sanchez said. "So, he's been a great addition so far. I'm thrilled to work with him."

Sanchez also had some fun with new Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano.

"Coach Sparano is tough," he said. "He sounds like Joe Pesci sometimes when he's installing plays. He'll say, 'You got it? You got it? I'm not speaking for my health. You got it?' It's 'Yes, sir' [from] the entire room."

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