Mark Barron: Lovie Smith's defense was too passive

Mark Barron's issues fitting in with Lovie Smith's scheme were obvious from the beginning.

But now that the former top-10 pick isn't with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers anymore, he can discuss it openly.

"Yeah, it is passive," Barron said of Smith's Cover 2 defense, per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "That's kind of the only thing I didn't like about it a lot of times. I had to sit back and I couldn't really be as aggressive as I wanted to in that system. So yeah, I would most definitely say that."

At the moment, Barron looks to be the same kind of player as current teammate T.J. McDonald, but Barron said he played enough free safety to be versatile in St. Louis.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher wouldn't speculate on where exactly Barron fits in.

"I'm not going to speculate the roles and things like that," Fisher said. "We got a good player. I'm gonna spend some time with him, and talk about where and how he fits at some other point."

Barron is immensely talented, which is why Fisher is smart to sit down with him and discuss the best ways to use him. In the end, it could look bad on Smith for getting rid of a talented player who simply didn't work in his defense.

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