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Mario Williams not worried about yet another change

Mario Williams is now on his third head coach in Buffalo and, consequently, his third different defensive coordinator.

The pass rusher, who once set the record for his six-year, $96 million contract, has seen plenty of changes over the past four years after being touted as a major victory for the franchise in free agency.

Now, he's being moved away from a position under Jim Schwartz that helped him rack up 14 1/2 sacks last season.

"We all understand that part of the game," Williams said via The Buffalo News. "Things change, personnel change, obviously coaches change. We pretty much just take from what we learned from Schwartz and kind of keep it going. I mean, that's the only way you can do it in this league, because it's pretty much a revolving door."

Though Williams thrived under Schwartz, there's a good chance he doesn't disappear under Ryan. Williams is the type of complete power edge pass rusher that Ryan was never able to coach and has coveted for years.

He's also smart enough to pick up a cerebral scheme, which should help him early on.

At the moment, Williams is eighth on the current sack leaders list. His ability do adapt has gotten him this far.

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