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Mara offered to pay for wall Odell Beckham damaged

The Giants held up their end of the bargain and offered Packers CEO Mark Murphy $100 to fix the hole Odell Beckham Jr. punched into the wall at Lambeau Field last January, according to The Daily News.

"I made an offer to Mark Murphy to pay for the hole in the wall," Giants co-owner John Mara told the paper Monday at the Annual League Meeting in Phoenix.

Still, doesn't sound like Murphy took the payment, and, as NFL Network's Judy Battista reported Monday, the Packers never sent the Giants a bill for repairs.

While cost in those situations can sometimes be dependent on what was around the hole -- did Beckham get into the electrical work? -- this seems like a fairly reasonable sum. It is probably one of the last times Giants ownership will also be entertaining even lighthearted questions about their superstar acting out in a significant way.

"He's an emotional player," Mara said. "I think he's going to mature over time. I'm not losing any sleep over it. He's a prideful, motivated young man. He competes at 100 percent all the time. I think he'll mature."

He added: "I've interacted with him enough to know that I have confidence that he will be a good player in this league for a long time. Listen, he's the last guy on our team that I am worried about."

Beckham didn't leave coaches and ownership with a great taste in their mouths to end the season, though the team did make its triumphant return to the playoffs under first-year head coach Ben McAdoo. They beat the Dallas Cowboys twice, including a high-profile prime-time game at MetLife Stadium when Beckham caught four passes for 94 yards and the team's only touchdown.

Throughout Beckham's meteoric rise, the Giants have made clear they will put up with a certain degree of behavior as long as the on-field product aligns with the grandiose personality Beckham carries off the field. So far, that has happened. He's been worth the minor aggravation and the $100 Mara still has out to pay for some drywall.

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