Manning solution for Eli confusion: 'Call me Elisha'

The New York Giants used the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft on Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple. The selection made an arcane bit of football history.

The ever-dependable tells us there have been only six players in NFL history who have gone by the first name of Eli. The Giants become the first team to house two Elis simultaneously. I phoned the Elias Sports Bureau to double-check my research but they hung up on me several times before threatening to call the police.

On Monday night, Eli Manning -- the most famous of all Elis -- was asked at a charity event if he felt compelled to pull rank on his uncommon name inside Giants headquarters.

"Haven't really thought about it that way," Manning said, according to the New York Post. "Never really cared about other people's names. I don't know what we'll do. We'll figure it out. I have seniority, so we can call him E.A. or Apple maybe.

"I don't know. Call me Elisha, maybe, switch to my official full name. I dunno."

We'd give Manning credit for the original funny, but we imagine Eagles fans have been calling him Elisha for over a decade. The Eagles win. Finally!

Meanwhile, it is a contractual obligation to include Eli Apple's mom in any internet post that features her son prominently. According to the ubiquitous Annie Apple, the connection between Eli Apple and Eli Manning goes beyond three letters.

"(My son is) like a black Eli Manning," Annie explained at the draft. "The personality, his facial expressions, the whole nine."

Didn't you hate it when your mom embarrassed you in front of your new friends?

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