Manning, Ryan, Brady among top 10 richest U.S. athletes

It still pays to be the quarterback. released its eighth-annual list of the 50 top-earning American athletes -- factoring in total salary, winnings, endorsements and appearance fees -- and three NFL signal-callers landed in the top 10: Peyton Manning ($38,070,000) of the Indianapolis Colts at No. 4, Matt Ryan ($32,700,000) of the Atlanta Falcons at No. 8, and Tom Brady ($30,007,280) of the New England Patriots at No. 9.

Tiger Woods, despite recent troubles, topped the list for the eighth straight time with a value of more than $62 million -- far above the eight NFL players who penetrated the top 50.

St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford ($27,250,000) ranked No. 12 after signing the biggest rookie contract in NFL history in 2010, with an $18 million option bonus and $8.4 million roster bonus due this year.

Two New York Jets made the list, with cornerback Darrelle Revis ($25,750,000) landing at No. 14 and quarterback Mark Sanchez ($17,750,000) at No. 38.

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett ($17,675,000) ranked No. 39 after signing a four-year, $48.5 million extension last September that featured a $15 million option bonus along with his $2.35 million salary for 2011.

Manning jumped to No. 4 in 2011 from No. 9 in 2010, thanks to $23,070,000 in salary and winnings and $15 million in endorsements. His younger brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning ($16 million), ranked at No. 48.

Three-year veteran Ryan wasn't even ranked in 2010, but soared to No. 8 because the bulk of guaranteed money from the $72 million contract he signed in 2008 lands this year. He's set to make $32,250,000 in salary and winnings and $450,000 in endorsements.

Brady vaulted from No. 28 in 2010 to the ninth spot this year largely because of the massive $72 million extension he signed in September. has Brady making $20,007,280 in salary and winnings this year, along with $10 million in endorsements. derived total numbers by consulting "players' associations, tour records, agents and news reports."

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