Manning: HGH investigation will find a 'big, fat nothing'

During Monday's Opening Night media extravaganza Peyton Manning again bashed the HGH allegations made by Al Jazeera America.

"I can't speak for anybody else," Manning said of the story involving several professional athletes. "I've addressed this before. It's why I welcome this NFL investigation, because I know the rules of the NFL and I respect the rules, they're important to me. And so what this report alleges that I did is simply not true. It's fabricated. It's junk. It's garbage. I could give you a long list of other words for it. I can guarantee this investigation, what it will find is an absolute big, fat nothing. That's how I feel about it.

The league told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport last week their review of the allegations "is ongoing and comprehensive. It involves obtaining and reviewing numerous records, conducting multiple interviews and working with other entities. We do not comment on the specifics of these matters until the review is completed. We are working with MLB and USADA.

"As to timing, the review will not be completed before the Super Bowl."

Manning was named by an Al Jazeera America report that suggested the legendary quarterback had HGH sent to his wife, Ashley, for his personal use. Manning's agent, Tom Condon, did not deny that Ashley received the supplements, and Manning confirmed he was a patient at the Guyer Institute, where Charlie Sly, an intern pharmacist who was cited in the Al Jazeera report, worked. Sly later recanted his claims.

An Al Jazeera reporter who worked on the documentary also said Manning was never directly connected to the use of human growth hormone in its hidden camera investigation. Manning previously said that he only went to the Guyer Institute to use the Hyperbaric chamber and to receive blood flow treatment.

Manning was asked Monday night by the New York Post's Bart Hubbuch if he would allow the NFL to have access to the Guyer Institute records as part of their investigation -- information the league would not have the power to subpoena.

With Super Bowl 50 days away and questions about his future retirement swirling, Manning brushed aside the lingering HGH allegations swiftly on the biggest media night of the year.

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