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Mallett deals with lockout difficulties, prepares for rookie year

Ryan Mallett has sought out his New England Patriots teammates to toss the ball around and receive any information that will help him prepare for his rookie season while the NFL lockout continues.

Mallett, a third-round draft pick, said Thursday on ESPN Radio that it's tough to prepare for his professional career while he isn't allowed contact with the team.

"That's the hardest part," the quarterback said, according to the *Boston Globe*. "Especially when you're playing quarterback, you want to get into the playbook, you want to absorb and just soak in as much as you can and be around people that have done it. So with the lockout and everything, it's hard to do that.

"What I've tried to do is just get in touch with teammates and get all the information I can. I've thrown with a couple guys. Just been working out and staying in shape for right now until we find something out."

Mallett also acknowledged that he hasn't spoken with Tom Brady, the Patriots' No. 1 signal-caller.

"I haven't yet ... I'm sure I will soon," Mallett said. "I think we have some things coming up that we're going to work on."

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