Maine prep academy brings many cultures together through football

Just this week, WGBH-TV in Boston talked to area football coaches who believe the sport has been unfairly maligned. Maybe the station should have driven north three hours into Maine, where the sport might be played in its purest form.

That's where traveled, finding Kents Hill School in Readfield, Maine. While football seems to be drawing criticism in many areas, the players and coaches at this school are in love with the game and what it has to offer for a roster that looks like the United Nations roll call.

The profile of the school and its students focused on the four captains, who are among 240 students from 18 countries at Kents Hill. That includes kids from China, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Sweden and England on the football team. Many of these students learned about life in the U.S. through football and grew to understand the concept of teamwork from the game.

Reporting on the article made the author, Greg Bedard, reconsider his relationship with football. He was impressed with how the sport helped everyone on this campus grow in different ways.

-- Bill Bradley, contributing editor

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