Madden Ratings: Week 6 analysis, Week 7 predictions

Oh, Donovan McNabb. Never stop being you.

The former Eagles, Redskins and Vikings quarterback took some shots at my man Jay Cutler this week during a radio appearance.

"He's the Tony Romo of the Midwest," McNabb said on 87.7 FM in Chicago. "We can talk about arm talent. We can talk about being able to throw a ball through a wall. He can put up 280, 340 yards passing, but you look across the board, he's got two interceptions in a game that cost them maybe 14 points or so. That hurts a football team."

That's all well and good. But we do realize Donovan McNabb was the Donovan McNabb of Philadelphia, right? McNabb was the guy who failed in numerous NFC Championship Games. The guy who lost to the Carolina Panthers in Philadelphia. The guy who lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game back when the Bucs hadn't won in temperatures below 40 degrees like, ever.

And do we need to be reminded that when McNabb did reach the biggest stage of his NFL career, well, he didn't choke. Because he threw up.

Remember when McNabb strummed the air guitar in the tunnel of Cowboys Stadium, then turned to bang on the glass before running out on the field before a playoff game? A playoff game he lost to the Cowboys and, uh, Romo? Horribly, too, I might add.

This is hilarious. McNabb calling out somebody for being a loser would be akin to him calling out a player for massive weight gain after his career is over. Seriously, McNabb is such a joke, even John Cena was able to get after him.

"Donovan McNabb, Donovan McNabb," Cena said to the crowd at Philadelphia during a taping of WWE Raw in March. "Statistically, Donovan McNabb is the greatest quarterback ever to put on an Eagles uniform." More boos. "But Mick [Foley], listen to how the people in the city that he played for remember him. Why? Because Donovan McNabb could not win the big one. Philadelphia cares about its teams. Philadelphia cares and has passion. And with that type of passion, they deserve someone who can win the big one. If I lose on April 7th, I will carry the legacy of Donovan McNabb."

Props to McNabb, though. This got people talking about him for the first time in years. Well, other than when NFL teams go to overtime. But we won't bring that up.

Moving on up

Patriots WR Brian Tyms is up six points this week to a 69 OVR. And in fairness to me, this was written before the Thursday night game. So I could end up eating a crow sandwich for this. Or not, because he did move up so it's not too, too bad.

Mohamed Sanu had a huge game against the Panthers and was rewarded for it. Sanu is up five points to 81 OVR. And he could be up for even more points if A.J. Green is out for a significant period of time.

T.Y. Hilton is up three points to 89 OVR. That's right, Hilton is damn near a 90 in Madden. Is anybody else surprised by this? I like Hilton--he's a nice player--but a 90? Is this the world we are living in? Maybe I should use the Colts more.

We don't talk enough defenses; Ezekiel Ansah is up four points to an 84 OVR. He's part of a Lions D that has really brought it so far this year.

Moving on down

Brian Cushing is out of the 90 Club that Hilton is threatening to break into. Cushing lost three points against the Colts and is down to an 87 OVR.

Remember when Mike Nugent missed a kick that would have given the Bengals a win in overtime? The Madden programmers do. He's down three to a 72 OVR.

Cordarrelle Patterson is down two points to an 81 OVR. Wait, where did he start the season? I want him down to about an 11 at some point.

Great Caesar's Ghost

Storm Johnson didn't get a boost at all? He's still at 68? I understand he didn't necessarily set the NFL on fire last week, but how about a courtesy point or something? What a robbery!

Six bold predictions for Sunday


EA Sports

6. I was all set to pick the Cowboys to beat the Giants this week. In fact, I even predicted it in the Weekend Preview I do with Dave Dameshek. But then you realize the team more desperate for a win always seems to win, especially when they are equally matched. Plus, the Giants are going to rally around Victor Cruz's injury. So I'm going with the Giants: final answer. Odell Beckham Jr. is going to start putting up Kelvin Benjamin production.

5.DeMarco Murray doesn't touch the ball 50 times against the Giants. But he probably should.

4. Remember all the way back to Week 2? The Colts were toast at 0-2. Some reasoned the Bengals were the best team in the NFL with a 2-0 record. Does anybody see the Bengals winning this one? Andrew Luck is going to torch this defense. The league should come out and ban Vontaze Burfict from this game so he doesn't try any of that underhanded (expletive) he tried against the Panthers.

3A.Steve Smith Sr. still carries a grudge from his days in Carolina against the Falcons and goes off for three touchdowns against his former rivals. And by the way, this is some classic genius from Triple S when it comes to Twitter:

"Internet courage is like a cover-2 corner," Smith said Thursday, according to the Ravens' official website. "You got a safety over the top and you feel better about yourself. You got that one-on-one coverage, you back off a little bit. That's how I look at Twitter."

3B. The Chargers top 22 points for the sixth consecutive week, and Philip Rivers plays so well once again that the makers of Madden are forced to incorporate the bolo tie into next year's game. I mean, seriously, there should be a "unlock the bolo" feature on this game. I mean, if there isn't one already.

2.Russell Wilson is 8-1 following a loss during his NFL career. He increases that mark to nine as Seattle wins in a laugher at St. Louis. Jeff Fisher's dream of coaching the Los Angeles Rams no longer seems like a reality. He's just keeping the gig warm for Jim Harbaugh. That's right, another bold prediction: Harbaugh to coach the LA Rams next season. I'm in.

1.Peyton Manning has been pulling his foot off the gas in anticipation of setting the NFL record for touchdown passes in prime time. I mean, he's the ultimate marketing machine, so there is no way he wouldn't break this mark in prime time. I mean, if he could drive a Buick on to the field with a Papa John's sign on the top, he would certainly do it. So he gets it done early in this one. Oh, and one minor note here: the 49ers find a way to pull off the upset!

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