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Madden Ratings: Week 2 analysis, Week 3 predictions

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Was it my imagination or were the Atlanta Falcons playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on rookie mode last night? It was like one of those times when your buddy is over and really doesn't want to play Madden, but you convince him to anyway just so you can beat him by 50 points.

That's what Thursday Night Football looked like.

The only difference is most people who play Madden using the Buccaneers switch over to the creamsicle uniforms. Right? Although let me say this about the creamsicle. The uniforms are fine in small doses. It's like going back to watch a TV show you remember from growing up. Sure, we all have fond memories of "Blossom" or "Full House" or one of those type of shows. But go back and watch one right now. You'll enjoy it for a few moments before you go, 'what the (expletive) am I watching here?'

That's what the Bucs creamsicle uniforms are like. It's disgusting. Just like Tampa Bay's play on the field.

Moving up

Niles Paul subbed in admirably in the wake of Jordan Reed's injury, and he's making quite a name for himself. He's also one of the biggest risers in fantasy football, too.

Kyle Fuller moved up three points to 78 OVR. Well, he started out too low anyway. The interceptions made the highlight reel. But what really impressed me was when he chased down Frank Gore from behind, dove, and took him down. I mean, Gore is a huge guy and that was a pretty amazing play. Chris Conte is up two to 75 OVR, much to the chagrin of Bears fans everywhere.

Darren Sproles is getting faster in his old age as his SPD rating is now 94 (+2).

Moving down

Trent Richardson actually had one of his better games in Week 2. Not that it did him any good as he dropped to a 78 OVR (-2).

So why did the Eagles drop DeSean Jackson and not Riley Cooper? After being a favorite target of Nick Foles last year, Cooper hasn't done anything this season. He's down two to 78 OVR.

Great Caesar's Ghost

Zac Stacy is down two points to 80 OVR. Apparently, Donny Moore and the other EA Sports all-stars don't play fantasy football, because he ruled for my team, yo. Stacy should be moving up! Fix this.

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Six predictions for Sunday

6. Eli Manning has six passes batted down by J.J. Watt. SIX!

5. The Buffalo Bills will improve to 3-0 this week with a win over the San Diego Chargers. I know; it's easy to put the Chargers into the Super Bowl after a huge win over the Seahawks.  I like them overall, but the letdown of beating the champs combined with a 10 a.m. PT kickoff team spells doom for our heroes. But if the Chargers do win this game, then go ahead and pencil them in for the Super Bowl.

4. There is no way the Indianapolis Colts are going to start 0-3. Trust me, the Jags being winless is a surprise to me. But that would pale in comparison to Andrew Luck going winless through three games. Especially when you consider he had never lost consecutive games going into this season.

3. The San Francisco 49ers find a way to beat the Arizona Cardinals on the road this week. The NFC West is going to be a fun division to watch. But when you come to games like this, you have to look at the team who needs the win the most. If the Birds went 3-0, and the 49ers dropped to 1-2, I wouldn't know what to think.

2. The Chicago Bears will win consecutive prime time games. Jay Cutler will continue to flourish under the quarterback whisperer Marc Trestman, and even Santonio Holmes will end up getting into the touchdown mix in this one.

1. The Denver Broncos will beat the Seattle Seahawks. I know people like the narrative of the Seahawks being unbeatable at home. The Bucs nearly got them last year, and the Cardinals did even when Carson Palmer threw four interceptions. So it's not inconceivable the Broncos roll in there and win. And really, is there any player you'd want on your side more in Week 3 than Peyton Manning? The best regular-season quarterback in history? No. He's going to get his against the Seahawks. I really do believe the Broncos were holding back a little this season just for this game.

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