Madden predictions: Trent Richardson tumbles (while on a bye)

When the Colts made a deal for Trent Richardson, you just kind of figured it would work out similarly to the way it would on Madden. Richardson would instantly adapt to the offense and you'd get a plundering running back to go along with Andrew Luck.

But it hasn't quite worked out that way.

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In fact, Richardson has been worse than advertised and somehow the Cleveland Browns look like the winners in this trade. (Though it hasn't shown that way in the standings where the Colts have improved to 5-2, and have beaten three of the best teams in the NFL, the Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers and now the Denver Broncos.)

Richardson has started to feel it, however. The Colts don't seem to trust him much anymore and Donald Brown has begun to take opportunities from him. More importantly to us here, Richardson has been stung in his Madden rating, too. Richarson lost two points and is down to 85 this week.

At least the bye week will keep him from sliding further.

Actually, it shouldn't. I would keep Richardson on a steady descent because it looks like the Colts made a move for just about nothing.


We asked for Jacquizz Rodgers to take a step up and you all obliged. Thank you very much, dear voters. Rodgers takes a two-point bump to increase to 84. Rodgers should continue to be heavily involved with the Falcons' offense even when Steven Jackson returns to the fold. Rodgers has earned his playing time.

Speaking of guys taking advantage of opportunity in Atlanta, Harry Douglas is up to an 80. Julio Jones and Roddy White both missed Week 7, but Matt Ryan and the Falcons saw no decrease in production thanks to Douglas.

Colin Kaepernick also took another step forward as he went from an 86 to an 87. The big thing for him is his running ability as his rushing yards have increased for the third-consecutive week. Glad the six-foot-four monster is no long afraid to tuck the ball and run. Kaepernick will be a 90 in the very near future.

And good on Geno Smith, too. He's up to a 77 after he led another rally against the New England Patriots. Here's the bad news, though. Geno is brilliant in the odd-numbered weeks, but has struggled in even-numbed weeks this season. And don't bother to look it up, it's Week 8!

Do you ever get the feeling it doesn't quite matter who the receivers are for the Packers? Jarrett Boykin received a five-point boost this week, up to a 72. Boykin has filled-in admirably in the absence of Randall Cobb and James Jones.

If you follow the NFL Fantasy Live show, you know I'm a huge fan of Jordan Reed, who has been RGIII's main guy in recent weeks. Reed had nine targets and caught all nine of them last week. Reed is up five points to 76. And if you know me, I love using the tight ends in Madden.

Knowshon Moreno leads the NFL with 10 rushing touchdowns. He gained two points and currently rocks an 82.

Mike Glennon was a spot-fantasy start for me. He is up two points to 71. And it's kind of cool because Greg Schiano dials up the passing plays like he's a gamer, too. I'm going to miss Schiano when he's fired.


Patrick Peterson took a hit to go from a 91 to a 90. I'm going to protest this one right here. Are you trying to tell me Peterson took a step back in one week? I call bullocks on this one.


You lose to the New York Jets, and suddenly your Madden rating takes a huge hit. That's what happened to Tom Brady who is down two points to 93 this week. Is this Madden trying to be funny here? The biggest dip for Brady came in throwing accuracy mid, which was down four points.

Uh, seriously?

There isn't a problem with Brady's accuracy. Rather it's his receiver's inability to catch the (expletive) football. The Patriots pass-catchers (and I use the term loosely) lead the league with 24 drops. Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amendola should be back in Week 8, so hopefully these guys will catch the balls.

Of course, Peyton Manning did not take a beating on his clutch rating as he certainly deserved it. How about his awareness? He's the one who dialed up a play for his fumble-prone running back near the goal line instead of going to one of his fifty unstoppable receivers. Come on guys, fair is fair.


  1. Tony Romo and Matthew Stafford will combine for nine touchdowns in an absolute shoot-out at Ford Field. The Cowboys, of course, will find a way to lose this one.
  1. Robert Griffin III will approach 500 total yards against the Broncos defense this week. Running quarterbacks have given the Broncos fits this year, as Terrelle Pryor and Andrew Luck have had success against them.
  1. There are 32 sides that compete in the UEFA Champions League. More than half of them will out-score the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. Actually, make it just about all of them.
  1. Darren McFadden will have his best game of the season against the Steelers. What, that's it. Don't wait around for a punch line because it ain't coming. I'm serious, people. Move on.
  1. Mike Shanahan returns to Denver and John Fox will be inspired to pull out the "Shanahanigans" and will give a touchdown to Montee Ball this week. Ball will rush for 48 yards and a touchdown.
  1. Tom Brady will throw for 412 yards and three touchdowns as the Patriots fend off the Dolphins, 27-17. The Patriots have scored at least 27 points in four consecutive home meetings with the Dolphins.

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