Madden predictions: Antonio Brown and Patrick Peterson rise

I've long wondered why the 20-step drop failed to connect with NFL quarterbacks. I mean, if you play Madden at all, you know the proper form is to drop back about 20 yards and heave the ball. Yet, not a single quarterback does that.

So when Ryan Tannehill joined the "Dave Dameshek Football Program this week, I put it to him. Would you ever perform the 20-step drop if you had a big lead?

"You're going to have to ask another quarterback to do that," Tannehill said.

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Oh well, we will have to find somebody to do that. Oh, and please, listen to the podcast. Tannehill was a great fellow. Tannehill covered all topics Madden and the Dolphins in our interview and he even talked about his 83 rating, which is up two points from last week. Speaking of ratings:


Patrick Peterson belongs in the conversation of the best cornerbacks in the game. And he's finally started to get the notice in Madden, too. Peterson went from an 89 rating to a 91. I'm telling you, he will catch Darrelle Revis one day.

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown is simply filthy on the football field. He's been so good, one of the commissioners in my fantasy league might ban him next season. Brown got a huge boost from the Madden voters this week as he goes from an 86 to an 89 overall.

T.Y. Hilton turned Richard Sherman of the Legion of Boom into the Bizzaro Sherman as he torched the Seahawks secondary last week. Hilton goes from a 79 to an 81. But come on, Madden users, let's get his rating even higher.


Kyle Rudolph had 97 receiving yards last week and scored a nifty touchdown. Yet, the tight end's rating went down a point. What gives?

Tavon Austin played in just four plays in Week 6. The good news is the receivers rating drop only one point from 77 to 76. He's still an explosive player, so it figures he could get it going at some point. But the last couple of weeks have been a problem.

Six Predictions for Sunday

  1. Drew Brees throws for 514 yards and 21 touchdowns during a Sunday-afternoon pickup game with his neighbors and his children. I told you he would still be better than most quarterbacks even during his bye week.
  1. The Cowboys and Eagles combine for 90 points Sunday, with Nick Foles getting the best of Tony Romo. But not because Romo throws a late, game-crippling interception. Come on, that's too easy. Instead, Romo fumbles on the final drive to give Philadelphia the win.
  1. Josh Freeman throws for 312 yards, two touchdowns and an interception for the Vikings in his debut. Hate can be a powerful motivator. And in this instance, Freeman is going to be motivated to show Greg Schiano that the coach made a mistake in letting him go. Freeman is also playing for a contract for next season. He's going to be big down the stretch.
  1. My guy Freddy Morris will rush for 212 yards and two touchdowns against the depleted Bears defense. EA Sports will have no recourse other than to bump up his rating to 91 to match the year of the Mazda that he drives. Seriously, if you missed that story this week, be sure to check this out. If this doesn't make you want to use the Redskins tonight and run the ball with Morris about 60 times, then I don't know what will.
  1. Rob Gronkowski will return to the New England Patriots and score a touchdown. Honestly, there hasn't been this much build up for a return of a franchise player since Star Wars Episode I came out. Let's just hope the tight end's return doesn't ruin my childhood.
  1. Peyton Manning pulls a "heel turn" and throws ten touchdowns as the Broncos run up the score on the hapless Colts' defense. Manning heard the words of Jim Irsay who said he wants more rings. Manning will respond as he does whenever he faces and overmatched foe. He will go crazy. Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Julius Thomas get scores. It will be a Broncos' scoring frenzy. And then the Colts fans will finally turn on their beloved hero and boo him unmercifully.

Don't forget to vote for the "Madden NFL 25" Next Gen champ! Voting for this week will open after the Monday night game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants.

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