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Madden predictions: Alfred 'Bentley' Morris rolls on

This season hasn't gone too well for the Buccaneers. Which is kind of a mild understatement, akin to saying the Kardashian family is a little overexposed. It's clear this hasn't been a great season for the Bucs, but all is not lost.

The Buccaneers do have some nice young talent emerging. Mike Glennon looks like he could be the quarterback of the future. The team already got nice production from Vincent Jackson, but Tiquan Underwood and Tim Wright have been solid editions to the offense.

And the good news, it's starting to show in the Madden ratings, too. Underwod and Wright both received four-point increases for Week 13 to move to a 73 OVR. Glennon is up a point to 77. Although I have a bone to pick with those who played a part in Bobby Rainey moving down to a 73 OVR.

Moving Up

St. Louis FC running back Benny Cunningham was a big winner this week, he moved up to 65 OVR, a five-point increase to his rating. Zac Stacy continues to be one of the fastest risers as he improved two-points to a 77 OVR. Things are looking up for the St. Louis backfield. Or Los Angeles if you've relocated the team in your version of the game.

Keenan Allen was one of my preseason picks for AFC Offensive Rookie of the Year and he had a solid line in Week 12. He received a two-point boost up to an 81 OVR.

One of our Madden Next Gen heroes, Colin Kaepernick, got a two-point increase to an 87 OVR. You heard my pleas, thank you all very much. In fact, some of the other Next Gen guys who received a raise this week included Nick Fairley (+2 to 92 OVR), Luke Kuechly (+1 to 91 OVR), Freddy Morris (+1 to 90 OVR) and Ryan Tannehill (+3 to 84 OVR).

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Moving Down

Geno Smith is moving down. Sorry, I'll take a moment for you to allow that to sink in. The quarterback has been wildly inconsistent this season. And not to make excuses, but you've seen who his targets are, right? I mean, if Tom Brady himself struggled when he threw to mid-card jobbers, what chance does Smith have for the Jets? Smith is 73 OVR.

Great Caesar's Ghost

Matt Flynn received a two-point bump this week headed into the Packer's roadie at Detroit on Thanksgiving. I think I know which way this is headed for next week. I'll go ahead and pencil him in to the "moving down" ledger for next week. I won't even tell you what his OVR is right now because, well, it just won't matter.

Six Predictions for Sunday

  1. One of the biggest movers in the Madden rankings has been Trent Richardson. He's down five points this week to an 82. And now he's got a great matchup against the leaky Titans' D in Week 13. Well, a Colts running back is going to tear it up this week. Too bad that running back will be Donny Brown. Richardson will be at or below 80 OVR next week.
  1. Freddy Morris will once again continue to run the ball like one of the best in the business. Kyle Shanahan will finally reward him with a redzone touch or two this week. That's right, "Bentley" Morris will have two touchdowns but the Redskins will lose. The biggest question will be who has the reddest face after the game, Tom Coughlin or Mike Shanahan? That's too close to call.
  1. Peyton Manning continues to struggle in the cold weather. He will throw for 213 yards and a pair of touchdowns, which will be good enough for the Broncos to knock off the Chiefs.
  1. Philip Rivers has been hot and cold as of late. Well, he will be hot on Sunday as the Chargers continue to remain in the hunt for an AFC wild card berth. The previously mentioned Allen will be due for another big increase when he scores a pair of touchdowns.
  1. Remember when the Atlanta Falcons were a Super Bowl contender? Nope, nobody really does. But Matt Ryan reminds everybody. Ryan will throw for 301 yards and four touchdowns as the Falcons have a coming out party in Toronto. Not that it will do any good, the Falcons have been out of the race for a long time.
  1. The last time the Patriots and Texans hooked up, New England embarrassed letterman's jacket-wearing Houston. It's not going to be any better this week as the Patriots continue to roll with an easy win over the Texans. Bad news for those AFC teams.

And one for Monday

We are looking at a preview of the NFC Championship Game in Seattle this week. The only question is, where will that game be held. Of course, it will depend on the winner of this game, and it will be … the New Orleans Saints. Too much Drew Brees.

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