'Madden NFL 15' ratings: Russell Wilson shakes up QBs

EA Sports released its top five quarterback ratings for Madden NFL 15 and the list is pretty much what you would expect. Peyton Manning is at the very top with a rating of 98 followed by Aaron Rodgers (98), Drew Brees (96), Russell Wilson (93) and Tom Brady (93). So yeah, it was pretty much what you would expect for a list of the top five ... wait a damn minute. Was that really Russell Wilson not only in the top five, but ahead of Tom Brady? The future Hall of Famer? The best quarterback of his generation?

Uh, yeah. That's exactly what happened. As ratings czar Donny Moore explained here the ability to run and pass pushed Wilson over the edge.

"(Wilson) is the ultimate dual threat with his 86 SPD (ranked eighth in NFL for quarterbacks), 90 AGI (seventh), 92 ACC (second), and 93 Throw Power. Don't be afraid to throw it deep (89 Deep Accuracy, ranked third) and on the run (fifth) with Wilson as well, he can do it all."

Let's just agree to disagree on that one. Did people forget Brady was throwing to a bunch of curtain-jerkers last season, and his receivers had the most drops in the league? Ah, but why am I complaining so much? It's not like Brady is saddled with a poor rating. A 93 is still pretty good, and the cagey veteran has a 99 AWR, which tied him with Manning.

And let's be honest, Boston sports fans don't have a chip on their shoulder and are some of the most level-headed around, so they won't take this as a personal insult or anything.

Or not.

They outrage of Brady however can't match the Manning fans who believe he is rated way too low at 98.

Although in Donny's defense, he is really good about answering the fan's questions.

The quarterback ratings came on the heels of release of the ratings of the top rookies. The minor surprises where Jadeveon Clowney being rated so low (83) and Johnny Manziel being behind Blake Bortles, even though he was selected later in the draft. Seriously, Clowney has the same rating as Dion Jordan had last year.

Moore joined us on NFL AM on Tuesday morning and revealed if you move Clowney from OLB to DE, he would jump up to a 92. (Like do the Texans coaches not even play Madden or something?) And hey, he's got the same speed rating as Bucs rookie receiver Mike Evans, so he's got that going for him.

Johnny Football takes a bit of a hit because of his accuracy issue. Though Moore said his throw on the run rating is pretty good. But let's be honest, Manziel plays on the field like most gamers use quarterbacks so his rating should be 100! (Or not.)

And in the end, none of this really matters in the grand scheme of things. But it does give us something to complain about on Twitter other than John Cena ruining professional wrestling.

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