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'Madden NFL 15' OLB ratings: Youth in revolt

When folks talk about the greatest video game characters of all time, there is no doubt "Super Tecmo Bowl" Bo Jackson will always enter the conversation. And rightfully so. You can go to the YouTube right now and find videos of kids who have done that super ridiculous Bo Jackson touchdown run up and down the field.

And while Jackson deserves his moment in the sun, and rightfully so, there is always one name that seems to get left out of the conversation. Tecmo's Lawrence Taylor. He was one of the greatest characters in the history of video games. Typically, when our house would divide up to play Tecmo tournaments in college (which might explain why I had to take Chemistry 101 more than once), the first person would always take the Raiders for Bo, but the savvy vets would take the Giants second.

Curious, too, because there was only one guy on the whole Cal State Fullerton campus who was a Giants fan. Yet people knew to take the Giants because Taylor was one guy who could slow down Tecmo Bo.

I would like to point out that I would still choose to play with the Los Angeles Rams because if you removed a few of the pitch plays, Cleveland Gary was pretty steady as a running back. Plus, Kevin Greene was no slouch when it came to the outside linebackers. If you moved Greene (or even Charles Haley for the one 49ers fan) off the screen, you could always dive back to stop Bo when he was beating your blitz. (Remember, if you chose the same play as the guy on offense, your team would swarm into a gang tackle nobody could beat. Well, except for Tecmo Bo.)

So outside linebackers were my jam in Super Tecmo Bowl. And I've kind of gotten away from outside linebackers in "Madden" over the years (read my review of the defensive tackles to find out why), but here are a few guys who might make me change my mind on the position.

Von Miller took the top spot with a 96 OVR. That is the same rating for Aldon Smith 96 (OVR), who joined teammates Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman as the highest ranked linebackers in the game.

So what puts Von Miller over the top? Ratings Czar Donny Moore explains.

"Von has 88 SPD (tied for third), 94 ACC (tied for first), 92 TAK (tied for second), and 97 Finesse Moves (ranked first in NFL for LOLB)."

Rounding out the top five for outside linebackers are Justin Houston (93 OVR), Lavonte David (93 OVR) and Robert Mathis (93 OVR). Yes, Mathis is coming off the best year of his career. But seriously?

"Mathis is all pass rush," Moore said. "His 98-rated Finesse Moves give him an array of quick moves to beat offensive tackles with, and he also had 88 SPD/94 ACC to rush off the edge."

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