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'Madden NFL 15' DT ratings: Suh's in charge?

I've made my proclivities for playing defense quite clear. If you don't want to search my entire archive, I'll cut to the chase and say I don't care for it. But when I do play defense (and I don't care for it), I like to use the defensive tackle. Though, I'm not sure that is a ringing endorsement, like the dude who pitches Dos Equis beer, the "Most Interesting Man in the World." I mean, he doesn't always drink beer, so why would I want his opinion on it?

So what was my point again? Oh yeah, I like to use the defensive tackle when I play defense. It gives you a chance to stuff the line of scrimmage and really do some damage. And I'm telling you the new version of the game is going to make line-crashing even easier this season. It's going to be pretty sweet. Maybe not in the same vein as the old DT dive in Super Tecmo Bowl. Do you remember that? I was at buddy's house in Phoenix one time playing Super Tecmo Bowl with some dudes I didn't know who weren't hip to the DT dive. Needless to say I was nearly run out of town, but thankfully, a few rounds at the bar across the street smoothed things over.

But I digress.

So who is the best defensive tackle in the game according to Madden? It's Ndamukong Suh who has a 97 OVR according to ratings czar, Donny Moore.

"Suh comes into 'Madden NFL 15' with 95 Pursuit (ranked third for DTs), 97 Power Moves (second) and 95 Hit Power (first). He's also tied as the second-strongest DT at 98, and the most agile DT at 82."

And he also ranked at 99 in Taking Stupid Penalties to Cost Your Team. Well, if such a thing existed. (I know, that's a little mean, so sue me. Get it, sue me? Ah, moving on.)

Here are the rest of the top defensive tackles in the game: Geno Atkins (96 OVR), Gerald McCoy (95 OVR), Kyle Williams (95 OVR) and Jurrell Casey (93 OVR).

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