Lynch's mom: Bevell is worst play-caller ever

There will never be a glitzy premiere for Marshawn Lynch's star-crossed biopic, which is sad, and disappointing and unfair. But just know, if a premiere had went down, Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell would not be invited.

At least if Beast Mode's mom had any say on the guest list.

In a Monday post on her Facebook page, Delisa Lynch said that Bevell should have been fired for his final play call in Super Bowl XLIX and that Lynch's ill-fated fourth-and-1 carry against the Rams on Sunday was a makeup call after Russell Wilson's Super Bowl interception.

Let me just add that I would heartily endorse -- and perhaps even finance and moderate -- a First Take competitor starring Delisa Lynch and Edrena Polk. NFL Network continually overlooks my strong programming instincts.

UPDATE:Lynch's mother released a statement Thursday explaining her reaction:

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